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Welcome to the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association

The Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) is an apolitical organization which was formed in 2000 and got registered in 2001 as a trust. The organization is a representative body of small scale traders’ whose mandate is to promote and defend interest of its members. ZCBTA has a membership base of over 7000 with a ratio of 76% to 24% women and men respectively. With its national status, ZCBTA is reasonably spread though out Zimbabwe and has a fair representation of both urban and rural traders.

What is an Informal Cross Border Trader?

A cross-border trader is a trader who carries his / her goods on themselves.

Informal crossborder trade is trade between two countries (usually neighbours) carried out by small, unregistered traders mostly women.  The informality refers to the unregistered status of the trader herself, not necessarily to the trade itself i.e. whether or not it is captured or unrecorded by the official customs system. Informal does not equate to illegal.

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Loan Facilitation Project

Members who applied for loans at the Women’s Bank have started to receive their money. DRC Sugar Selling Mission Arrangements for the DRC Sugar Selling Mission are an advanced stage…
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